Epoka University is a newly established non-profit private university with 1000 students, including 200 Master’s students. It has seven academic departments, including the Department of Architecture. The academic programs are compatible with the Bologna system. Epoka University fosters cultural diversity: students come from seven different countries in the region and 70 percent of the faculty members come from other countries. Epoka University has already established international ties with universities in the USA, the UK, Italy, Poland, Turkey, and Montenegro. The language of instruction is English.

Its Department of Architecture offers an integrated five-year program (Bachelor + Master). In the last two years, students specialize in one of three profiles: (1) Architecture Design (2) Building Technology and (3) Urban Planning and Design. The education of students in sustainability is a major focus of the curriculum. Soon, the Department will start offering a PhD program in architecture, with the same profiles.

Epoka University
Address: Autostrada Tirane-Rinas, Km 12, Tirana, Albania
Tel.: +355 42 232 086  /  +355 42 222 077
Fax.: +355 42 222 117
Email: info@epoka.edu.al
Web: www.epoka.edu.al

Epoka University Rinas Campus - partially complete

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