Keynote Speakers

Prof. Dr. Ardeshir Mahdavi, Technical University of Vienna, Austria.

Professor Mahdavi is the Director of the Department of Building Physics and Building Ecology and the Chair of the Graduate Studies Program in Building Science and Technology at the Vienna University of Technology, Austria. Pro- fessor Mahdavi's area of research and teaching covers building physics, energy-efficient and sustainable buildings, computational building perfor- mance simulation, building systems control, and human factors. Professor Mahdavi is a frequent keynote speaker at international scientific conferences and Visiting Professor in various universities in the USA, Europe, and Asia. He has authored over 400 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals and conference proceedings. In the last three years, Professor Mahdavi has been consecutively awarded the “Austrian Building Award” in the research projects category.

Prof. Dr. Giorgio Gianighian, University IUAV of Venice, Italy.

Since 2005, Professor Gianghian has served as Chair of Architectural Restoration in Venice. In the last three decades, he has been Visiting Professor in Canada, the UK, Scotland, Japan, France, Colombia, Bulgaria, Germany, USA, Nepal, India, Argentina, and China. He has authored more than 90 publications, including books, essays, and articles in Italian, English, French, Japanese, and Chinese. He has been a consultant for many international organizations and governments, including UNESCO WHC, the European Commission for Turkey, the Council of Europe, and the People’s Republic of China. He has worked on the restoration projects of many important buildings in Italy and abroad, including the Clock Tower in Venice.

Prof. Dr. Ilknur Kolay, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey.

Professor Kolay specializes in architectural restoration and conservation. Her major focus is the history of Ottoman architecture, building materials, and construction techniques. She wrote her dissertation on “Construction Techniques in 14th Century Architecture of the West Anatolian Principalities”.

Prof. Dr. Aspa Gospodini, University of Thessaly, Athens, Greece.

Professor Gospodini teaches Urban Planning and Design. She is Director of the Urban Spatial Morphology Lab, in the Department of Planning & Regional Development, at the University of Thessaly, Volos, Greece; and Vice-President of the Spatial Planning Authority of Greater Thessaloniki Area. Her research interests focus on urban redevelopment and regeneration, new urban economies and urban landscape transformations, and place identity. She has published many papers in peer reviewed planning journals and has authored and edited four books dealing with urban planning and design. Her work was awarded the AESOP Prize and Distinction for Best Published Paper (in 2005 and 2007) and the GPEAN distinction (2006, 2008). She is on the editorial boards of the Journal of Urban Design, Urban Design International, International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning, The Open Urban Studies and Aeichoros (in Greek).

Dr. Paola Ardizzola, MuseoArchitetturaArte, Pescara, Italy.

Dr. Ardizzola is the Director of MusAA – MuseumArchitectureArt, founded after the tragic earthquake in the Aquila region of Italy. She has been a lecturer at the Fine Arts Academy in Aquila. Her current research interests include architecture history and criticism, in particular the 20th century architecture, art versus architecture, female art, and didactics of architecture for children. In 2010, she was awarded the Bruno Zevi International Prize for Critics of Architecture.

Mirela Kamberi, United Nations Development Programme, Albania.

Ms. Kamberi is the UNDP Albania Climate Change Program Director. She has more than 15 years of experience with renewable energy policy and climate change issues. She has worked extensively in the field of environmental pollution prevention and control (air, water, and waste management). She has served as the Head of the Electro-energy and Renewable Energy Department at the National Energy Agency and as Director of Pollution Prevention and Control at the Ministry of Environment. Since 1998, she leads the Albanian Green House Gases mitigation team. She has participated in numerous international and national activities in the role of presenter, moderator, organizer, and expert.

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