All participants will receive a Conference Proceedings CD, which will be assigned an ISBN number, and a printed Conference Abstracts Book.

After the conference, all final papers and posters will be:

  • Uploaded on this site in .pdf format
  • Available for download free of charge
  • Searchable on Google Scholar

Delegates are free to decide how much to submit or publish. Authors may publish only an abstract in the Abstract book or a full-length manuscript in the Proceedings CD, which will be made available online. Delegates may also attend a conference without submitting or publishing any research. Authors may present their work during the conference either as (i) a 15-minute oral presentation, or as (ii) a poster session.

NEW! A number of selected papers will be considered for inclusion in a special issue of the Journal of Architecture and Planning Research, a major international interdisciplinary resource for professionals and scholars in architecture, design, and planning.

If your presentation at the conference is not held for any reason and you did not inform us about that in time, we reserve the right to remove your paper from the Proceedings CD and the online paper archive.

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