Become a 1-ICAUD Sponsor!

The international conference 1-ICAUD is a platform for the presentation of companies and businesses operating in the fields of architectural and urban design and preservation, information technology, building materials, and others. The 1-ICAUD business exhibition offers a professional place for your specific business marketing.

During the last years, Epoka University international conferences including ICES-2011 , ISCON-2011, and BCCCE-2011, have been supported by many well known companies and institutions. Their contributions have helped establishing a successful exchange of knowledge and experience between academics and business practitioners on most relevant topics.

If you want to partake in the group of donors and would like to present your business during 1-ICAUD, please do not hesitate to contact the 1-ICAUD Organizing Committee via e-mail to dpojani@epoka.edu.al

We are grateful to have the following companies and institutions as official sponsors of 1-ICAUD:

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