Delegates are free to decide how much to submit or publish. Authors may publish only an abstract in the Abstract book or a full-length manuscript in the Proceedings CD, which will be made available online. Delegates may also attend a conference without submitting or publishing any research. Authors may present their work during the conference either as (i) a 15-minute oral presentation, or as (ii) a poster session.

Guidelines for Oral Presentations

If your abstract has been accepted by the scientific committee of 1-ICAUD, please read these guidelines carefully. Prepare your oral presentation according to these guidelines.
  1. Use the official presentation template, which can be downloaded here.
  2. You have 15 minutes for your oral presentation. Please strictly keep the time limit. Your audience will be grateful. Please test the duration of your presentation at home prior to appearing in front of your audience.
  3. The language of the oral presentation is English.
  4. Please refrain from reading text directly from the slides. An oral presentation is most effective when the words of the speaker accompany and explain the content.
  5. Mere introductions to cities and municipalities, tourist information, or firm advertising are not allowed.
  6. Your Abstract will be included in the Abstract book, and your paper in the Proceedings CD only if you regularly register for 1-ICAUD and pay the attendance fees.

Please submit abstracts, posters and / or full papers at icaud@epoka.edu.al  Please use the appropriate templates provided here.

Please take note of the following paper and poster format requirements:

PAPERS: The paper is limited to 6000 words and 10 illustrations. Kindly send your papers in MS Word format, either as .doc or .docx, following the template on our website. Please do NOT send your papers in .pdf format. Our design team might have to make formatting edits prior to inclusion in the Proceedings.

POSTERS: Please send your poster as a single JPG file. Please reduce the size to under 20 MB, otherwise our inbox will reject it. Also, we cannot upload posters larger than 20 MB on the website. Poster sizes should be either A1 or A0. If you are presenting a poster, please note that you have to bring the printed out poster when you come to the conference, so that we can display it.

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