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When considering alternatives for traveling to Albania, you should be aware that BelleAir offers inexpensive non-stop flights to Tirana from many Italian cities, London, Brussels, Paris, Istanbul, and Athens. The major carriers that fly into Tirana include Albanian Airlines, Alitalia, Lufthansa, AustrianAir, Malev, OlympicAir, and TurkishAir.

We recommend the following hotels, which have kindly offered reduced rates for 1-ICAUD delegates. They are located at a short distance from the city center (except for Continental Hotel, which is located in the nearby town of Vora).
Hotel Europapark (***** 5 stars)
Single €150 / Double €170
Hotel Tirana International (**** 4 stars)
Single €110 / Double €110
Vila Tafaj (*** 3 stars)
Single €50 / Double €60
Hotel Doro City (*** 3 stars)
Single €50 / Double €80
Continental Hotel (Vore/ Tirane)
Shared room €40 / €70
If you would like to stay near the airport, we recommend: Villa Airport. For reviews, go on Trip Advisor.

To arrange your transport to and from the airport, two options are available:

  • You can use the Airport Shuttle Bus, which leaves on the hour from 6.00 am to 6.00 pm from the airport and the city center and costs 250 Albanian Lek one way (about $2.5).
  • You can hire a taxi. All taxis charge a fixed rate of 2,000 Albanian Lek (about $20) between the airport and any destination in the city center and are very safe to use.
  • Taxis charge fixed rates of $4-6 for travel within Tirana.

To download a tourist map of Tirana, click here.

Additional tourist information in English on Tirana can be found on the City’s website.
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