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Urban Building Physics and Technology
Indoor Climate and Thermal Comfort
191 Ulrich Pont, Christian Sustr, Andreas Wurm, Yuchi Wu, Ardeshir Mahdavi Exploring Indoor Thermal environment and cognitive performance in a short-term occupancy setting
241 Yu-Chi WU and Ardeshir Mahdavi Subject Assessment of Thermal Transition in a Museum: A Case Study
Urban Physics
259 Sung James Lim, Milena Vuckovic, Kristina Kiesel, Ardeshir Mahdavi The Variance of the Urban Microclimate in the City of Vienna, Austria
262 Blagovesta Dimitrova, Milena Vuckovic, Kristina Kiesel, Ardeshir Mahdavi Trees and the Microclimate of the Urban Canyon: A Case Study
352 Muhammed Ernur Akiner, Ilknur Akiner Infrastructure System Recommendations for Narrow and Steep Streets in Istanbul
Technologies for Intelligent Buildings
193 Stefan Glawischnig, Harald Hofstätter and Ardeshir Mahdavi Application of Web-Technologies in Building Information Systems: the case of the Monitoring System Toolkit (MOST)
242 Ardeshir Mahdavi and Birgit Rader Testing a Method for the Generation of the Systems Control Schemes for Buildings
139 Egzon Bajraktari, Josef Lechleitner, Ardeshir Mahdavi Measurement and Simulation of the Sound Insulation of Double Leaf Facades with Openings for Natural Ventilation
Urban Planning and Design
Sustainable Urban Planning and Development
118 Derya Adıgüzel Özbek, Selcen Nur Erikçi Slow City Movement is an Utopia of Livable City?
150 Laura Daglio Building with water: innovative approaches for sustainable architecture
165 Branko AJ Turnsek, Ljiljana Jevremovic, Svetlana Vrecic Village Knez Selo in the Context of Sustainable Development
169 Zana Shehu, Jona Shehu The Densest Cities with the Largest User-Friendly Spaces
202 Teuta Jaha-Hoxha Comparative approaches in drafting of the Municipal Development Plans
258 Jonida Meniku, Andrea Maliqari, Adriana Miri Urban Development through PPPs “Challenges and Models– Comparison between Albania and European countries"
278 Violeta Aliaj Plumbi, Ilir Aliaj Creative Cities-Case of Tirana
288 Višnja Sretović Brković, Matija Brković Participation of Children in Decision Making and Urban Planning in Local Communities: Employing Solar Energy in the Serbian Schools
305 Eled Fagu
369 Julinda Keçi Informal Urban Development: A Continuing Challenge
Urban Planning Theory and Practice
122 Vito De Bellis Corso del Popolo in Terni: An Interpretative Hypothesis for the Contemporary Urban Design
134 Christina Matika
140 Erli Zdrava The Instruments for the Implementation of Territorial Plans and Land Management by the Public Administration
162 Gianluca Gnisci
185 Antonio Nitti
  Venera Goxha Development and Changes in the Industrial Zone in Prizren
209 Nicola Panzini
220 Ilgen Cela, Benedeto Di Cristina, Llazar Shyti Perimetral Residential Blocks And Apartment Typologies in Tirana City
235 Armand Vokshi, Florian Nepravishta Tirana, Regeneration Policy of the Urban Periphery
248 Egin Zeka, Mehmet Ali Yüzer Traditional Street Pattern Typology: Case of Korça
251 Michele Montemurro
284 Matija Brković, Višnja Sretović Brković Online Public Engagement and Planning Practice: a Serbian Perspective
295 Francesco Defilippis
350 Clovis Ultramari, Fabio Duarte The Urban Future, Back and Forth: Utopias and Dystopias
351 Ilknur Akiner, Muhammed Ernur Akiner Innovative Solution Proposals for Infrastructure Problems of Istanbul
365 Elfrida Shehu, Alma Afezolli Urban land value and map of land values
284 Matija Brković, Višnja Sretović Brković Online Public Engagement and Planning Practice: a Serbian Perspective
Urban Design in Development
110 Boriana Vrusho, Alma Golgota, Ermal Spahiu, Diana Bardhi An Analysis of Local Detailed Plans in Tirana
113 Branko AJ Turnsek, Ljiljana Jevremovic, Marina Jordanovic Fulfillment Testing Standards in Design of Pre-School Facilities as a Basis for Architectural and Urban Transformation in the Context of Energy Efficiency
129 Giuseppe Francesco Rociola
145 Ilgen Cela, Benedeto di Cristina, Llazar Shyti Urbanization of Suburban Areas in Tirana city
192 Stefan Glawischnig, Kristina Kiesel, Ardeshir Mahdavi Feasibility analysis of open-government data for the automated calculation of the micro-climatic attributes of Urban Units of Observation in the city of Vienna

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