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ID Author(s) Paper / Poster Title
Urban Planning and Design
Public Open Spaces
274 Cigdem Sivri Spaces of Activism – Physical and Social Thrombogenesis
299 Anisa Qorri The Role of the Square in the City
335 Artan Hysa
358 Odeta Durmishi Manahasa Istanbul Şişi Etfal Hospital: Evaluating hospital's Outdoor Space and its Effect on the User’s Health
  Haniye Razavivand Fard Evaluating Spatial Behavior in the Urban Public Space of Kadıköy Square
Architecture and Urban Design Education
Knowledge in Architecture and Urban Design
249 Oltjon Luga, Rais Petrela
Approaches in Design Based Education
108 Anna Papadopoulou, Petros Lapithis
197 Matteo Ieva The Processual Method in the Analysis of the Anthropic Space and in the Architectural and Urban Project
228 Antonio Vito Riondino
289 Gözen Güner Aktaş, Hakan Sağlam Re-thinking the Concept of “Space” in Interior Design Education
Content of Architectural and Urban Design Education
151 Jerzy Cibis, Joanna Serdyńska
Industry and Practice in Albanian Context
Architectural and Urban Design Projects in Albanian Context
148 Mariola Guri Adaption forms for Hotels in Albania, its Importance and Efectiveness
183 Urim Hoxha, Sokol Dervishi
211 Michele Beccu, Francesca Calace, Giacomo Martines, Anna Bruna Menghini, Francesco Ruggiero
257 Oltjon Luga, Benedetto Di Cristina
267 Klodjan Xhexhi An Architectonic Recovery Plan over the North-East Historical Sector of Tirana, Albania
282 Ani Çuedari
334 Muhamet Ahmeti, Sadije Kelmendi Space, Contractors and Time Management in Renovation of Hospital and Special Facilities in Kosovo
Innovative Technologies of the Industry in Albanian Context
366 Alma Golgota, Boriana Vrusho, Axhelo Xhafkollari Durable Concrete Produced by Local Materials and their Impact in Everyday Life in Albania
367 Alma Golgota, Rezarta Qemallaj Aplication of Durable Concrete in Structural Civil Constructions of Albania

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November 15, 2013

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February 1, 2014
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March 1, 2014
March 19, 2014

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April 15, 2014

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